Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Falcon Punch to the Kidney!!!

*From Saturday August 17. I had started writing this and before I finished decided a nap was a better idea. Thought I should post this BEFORE the removal rundown.

Good grief! This stent cannot come out soon enough!  I am always aware of its presence.  Some days are more tolerable than others.  This morning while I was emptying my bladder I felt like I’d been punched in the kidney. As the bladder contracts, it moves the stent, which irritates the ureter AND the kidney. This was a sharp enough pain that I actually let out a yelp.     

Drawing from http://www.fairview.org/HealthLibrary/Article/83047
(In my case the blockage comes from the sutures, not a kidney stone)

I find sitting up straight for too long really aggravates things.  Not a sharp pain, just a dull, constant ache that gets stronger with time.  I guess that makes sense. When I am in a more reclined position, the stent is basically straight.  When I sit up, the stent has to bend a bit. Although it is very flexible, it is still putting pressure on the ureter, kidney and bladder, a pressure that they are not meant to deal with. 

(I hate the dangling preposition. But for me to type “..a problem with which they are not meant to deal”  just sounds so…elitist, arrogant, British??? *sigh* How to use proper grammar without sounding like a snob?  Is there a book by this title?)  

It also seems that this is becoming more uncomfortable as the days pass. I am not sure if the stent is moving further down into the bladder, causing more pressure on the kidney or if my body is just tired of this and no longer tolerating it.  Regardless, I have had to take more pain pills the past few days than I have in a while. And all due to this damn thing.  I honestly believe if it weren’t for the stent, I would be completely off pain meds and only using Ibuprofen. 

On the other hand, I am VERY aware that I am lucky to have the evil thing.  I could be dealing with far worse issues if my doctor had not noticed that he nicked me. I am grateful it was taken care of the DAY of surgery and NOT weeks down the road. 

Have I mentioned how much I love my doctor?  YES...he is the one who nicked me. But considering the fact that everything was basically super glued together down there, I think he did a damn fine job! And I credit his 30+ years of experience to my relatively easy recovery.  

Just two more days.


  1. I would far rather have a doctor who could admit he or she made a slip and dealt with it immediately even if it means calling in help.

    1. AGREED! I ended up with a "team" in there. Colorectal surg. to manhandle my intestines and remove the appendix, GYN to take out the lady junk and remove enjo and adhesions and the urologist to take care of the nick.

      What cracked me up is the GYN and CR doc both explained what happened, but were very...not sure the word I want to use...but "gentle" I guess. The urologist came in, looked at me, shook his head and said "Wow! You were a MESS down there!" LOL!! I was not mad at him. He's just one of those that doesn't try to soften the blow.

      They were all great and complete pros at their jobs. (which, you'd HOPE all doctors/surgeons are. Sadly, not the case)

  2. I think those of us with a more, shall we say, rural background worry about language far too much. Will we sound snobby? Or uneducated? I really think we shouldn't fear writing in whatever voice feels comfortable. If that's in formally proper language or colloquial speech, it doesn't matter. Either way, don't be ashamed! There's something to be said for both.

  3. You did far better than me with the stent. You tolerated it longer too. I am hugely glad that you got the blasted thing out though. Perhaps things will start to feel better all around now that the stent isn't there to put pressure on things.