Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Post Op: Three weeks down and some irritations.

For the most part, I am healing much faster than anticipated. I feel I have been very lucky.  But there have been a few issues I could certainly do without.

My stent is still bothersome.  Much of the time I feel I have a mild urinary tract infection and lower back ache.  My husband said he went through the same thing when he had his stent in last spring. (It’s nice to have those special moments of bonding, right?)  I have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow. It will be an office visit to discuss the stent removal procedure and make the appointment for that visit.  The removal will involve going back to the surgical center and being put under general anesthesia.  They will take out the offending medical device and inject some sort of contrast to make sure the sutures are healed and there is no leakage from the ureter into my abdominal cavity.  If it is not healed properly, another stent gets put in.  I do not know if it will involve any sort of laparoscopic incisions to re-suture or not. Will find out for sure on Wednesday.  Understandably, I am a little bit nervous.  I will be so glad when this is done.

Incision site is feeling odd.  Finally took the steri-strips off.  Noticed the site was weeping a bit. And I have a “pulling” sensation at the area since taking the strips off. I called the nurse and she said as long as the weeping does not have blood or pus, is not excessive, and the site is not hot to the touch then all is normal.  There is a bit of stinging at the site. But that is about it. 

Another issue I’ve dealt with is a yeast infection.  On the last evening of taking my antibiotics I developed one, despite the fact that I was eating yogurt on a daily basis to avoid it. (This pissed me off a great deal. It looked like I was going to get through a large course of antibiotics and NOT get a YI) The symptoms seemingly went away for a couple days, then came back.  This happened two more times and each time the discomfort would start at night, while the doctor’s office was closed, then not be present in the morning. When I called the nurse regarding my incision I thought maybe I should ask about the yeast issue.  She sent an Rx to my CVS, a lovely single dose tablet. Fluconazole 150mg.  No messy creams or suppositories. Everything cleared up VERY quickly.

Last night I dealt with some night sweats.  Primarily involving my lower body. A bit clammy up top, but sweat was running down my legs.  Yes, for a split second I was worried I’d had some sort of accident.  Not the case. Just sweating like crazy.   I have had previous night sweats since the surgery, but this was the worst.  Woke up 3 times from it.  Still, I cannot complain too much. The bHRT pellets really seem to be working.  Few night sweats, no real hot flashes to speak of and my emotions have been pretty leveled out.  Crying a bit more the last few days, but nothing more than what I had been doing BEFORE surgery.  And no RAGE issues! I think the kids are feeling they can slowly come out of hiding now. 

Walking is not coming along as quickly as I’d like. Spent the first 12 days only walking around the house.  Then on July 29th  I finally went to the trail and waddled  ½ mile in 23:41 minutes. It was so slow, but movement was really good. On August 3rd I walked 1.08 miles in 20:04. I was amazed at how “fast” I was going. My body did not protest. Legs and abdominal area felt fine.  Then I tried walking again yesterday, Aug 5th, hoping for another mile. I was only able to go for .55 and that took me 16:34.  It was rough. Incredibly tired, stinging around the incision. I was glad to get back to the car. Really disappointed with how much it took out of me.  No walking today. In fact, I took two long naps and have barely left the bed. 

I realize that I should not beat myself up. Recovery is not a linear process.  I will have good days and bad days.  Good hours and bad hours.  I cannot be impatient with the healing.  I cannot risk setting myself back by pushing myself too hard.  I am NOT a failure because I can’t walk 3 miles 3 weeks after surgery. Full recovery will happen in time.

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  1. You are doing great! I've known women who have been on medical leave from work (I'm talking desk jobs) where they did not return to work for 8-9 weeks after having a hysterectomy. And, they had no complications such as the stint and/or appendix removed that you had done. I'm glad you realize you need to be patient. I know it's easier said than done. Love you! Aunt T