Friday, August 30, 2013

I Am Pretty Sure I Need to Make This Woman My Friend

That sounds terribly stalkerish, doesn't it?

I found The Riding Librarian's blog via the hystersisters' site.  I was having minor issues coming to terms with the idea of my uterus being yanked out of my body. My brain started to ask the “Will this make me less of a woman?” question.  THANKFULLY, she made a post that talked about her blog, which lead me to the entry "On supposedly being less of a woman." This really helped me drop the "your uterus is what makes you a complete woman" bull shit. (I did not REALLY believe this. But there were some nagging doubts tickling the back of my brain) 

When I started exploring her blog further, I discovered that she and her boy went to a mother/son danced as The Doctor and Rose. How cool is that??

She is also familiar with Nathon Fillon, Will Wheaton, Simon Pegg and of course David Tennant. I'm Scared

She writes about weight loss, exercise, food.  If you are sensitive to people using the word “fat” or describing themselves as “fat”, then you probably will not appreciate her.  I, on the other hand, do NOT have a problem with the word and love how she keeps it real:  On being a fat skinny person.

She rides horses and motorcycles, processes her own chickens, climbs mountains, does adventure races, blogs about the Paleo diet (something I am researching at the recommendation of a friend) and in general seems like an seriously kick ass sort of gal.  And oh yeah...she's a librarian! :)

J.C. I see you started to follow her. I'm glad. I think this is right up your ally.  And there is lots of nerd talk and steampunk and cosplay...

Now, I just hope she does not file a restraining order if she reads this post.

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  1. How could I not follow her...Ass antlers! ASS ATLANTERS! I was laughing about that all day!