Thursday, August 1, 2013

Post op: Week Two Milestones and Discoveries:

 Sleeping through the night is a wonderful thing.

Pooping without assistance is even better than sleeping through the night.

Walking my slowest ½ mile ever felt almost as great as my fastest 5K.

Being sidelined when your spouse has to have surgery SUCKS.

Having kids who step up to the plate and take care of things ROCKS.

Just because some women go back to work 2 weeks after their hysterectomy does not mean *I* am ready to go Walmart for 30 minutes of shopping.

William Shatner seems like a fun guy.  If given a chance to sit and talk with him, I’d take it.

As happy as I am for The Boy (my son) to start this next phase of his life, part of me is not ready to let go.  Another part is just excited to go out and buy myself a new bag of socks and not have to worry about his size 13s stretching them out. (Seriously, boy. Use your own dang socks!)
The Boy's first time on a firetruck ~3 years old.


  1. Well I for one never dreamed of going back to work two weeks after my hysterectomy, and I didn't have an abdominal incision either. I "dreamed" of going back at four weeks...but settled on five when I was just too darn tired and I had my setback with using a catheter the first two weeks post-surgery.

    There is no hurry or timeline to getting back to normal. You will find your own normal and it will happen when it happens. In addition to my surgery I had a bladder sling. There is where my recovery took additional time. I found that up to a year later I still noticed "weirdness". I will say that my 5 incisions all healed differently and the lower ones healed the slowest and were the most painful. I'm not sure how I would have dealt with a full abdominal incision...You Rock Girl!!

    I hope that Farm Boy has had a successful surgery and that today is better than yesterday and tomorrow brings him back to feeling more normal. Same for you...each day is a new day. Don't drag along yesterday's crap...start anew! :)

    1. I love that! "Don't drag along yesterday's crap." I will have to remember this.

      I think my problem has been that I have felt so much better than expected (most days) that I figured I would be ready for a seeming short jaunt to Walmart. HA!

      Farm Boy is doing great. Yesterday we sat in bed all day, streaming videos on our laptops while the cat slept between us. (for being the new kid on the block, she is awfully sure that this is HER bed and we are her loyal subjects)