Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Past Races

Events and Times

This is really for my own record keeping. I have all this information a piece of paper and I have tried to keep my times listed on each bib (that I have been able to keep)  I just want to make sure I can keep these listed in a place I am not likely to lose them.  

October 2010: My very first 5K  Riley Fest 5K                           57:04

August 2011:  Company 5K through Jim’s work                         49:?? (it was damn hot)

September 2011:  My first Air Force Marathon 5K                     41:31

October 2011: Riley Fest 5K                                                         44:25  (it was a horrible run due to female issues)

                           DARE 5K                                                           45:??

November 2011: Indianapolis Monumental Marathon                 39:14

                               Step N Stride 5K                                            37:45

November 17th Laproscopic surgery to remove ovarian cyst AND right ovary.

Dec 24 2011:      Rudolph Run                                                      45:24

January 2012:   Winter Night Trail Quarter Marathon                  2 hours 19 minutes. (most exhilarating thing I have ever done! And EXAUSTING)

February 2012: Ladies First 5K (double date w good friends)      37: 18

March 2012:  Penguin in the Park 5K.                                           No time recorded. (Did not make race due to husband’s injury. Walked a 5K on the trail instead)

April 2012: Strides Against Violence.                                             38:35

May 2012:  Flying Pig 10K                                                             1:30:52

June 2012: Run with the Buzzards 5K                                             41:20 (90+degrees)

July 2012: Run to the Moon                                                             39:41

Aug 2012: Cumberland PD K9 5K                                                  40:48

Sept 2012: Indianapolis Womens ½ Marathon 5K                           41:54

                     Air Force Marathon ½ Marathon                                 3:33:20

October 2012:  Riley 5K (walk only)                                                44:30

November 2012:    Hot Chocolate 5K (girls weekend!)                    44:32

                                Burn it Off 5K                                                     42:23 (my last official race)
June 29 2013:         Batka Family 50th Anniversary run/walk           58:00 (family fun walk)

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  1. Slight correction: Run with the Buzzards 5k was *at least* high 90s and possibly over 100 F. The only saving grace was the fact that a large thunderstorm blocked the sun during most of the race.

    and yeah, this was d@mn hot.