Monday, September 16, 2013

Better Day! C25K Week 2 Day 4

 Emotionally…MUCH BETTER today.  At least thus far. I’ve learned that it can change in a moment’s notice.  Which is always a lot fun.   But so far, so good.

This morning the husband and I went back out to Fort Ben to get some more hill work in before Friday’s 5K.  I decided I wanted to do the whole loop, rather than keeping mostly to the flat areas. I know I’ve said it before, but there are some really good hills out there!

My running partners for this years AFM 5K.
I really wanted to improve my best post-surgery time, but wasn’t confident that I could, given the terrain.  Somehow I pulled it off.  47:54.   Last week, I’d dropped my time down to 50:50 and that was all on the flat bike trail.  So I am thrilled that I dropped nearly 3 minutes with all the hills!  AND my last split was my fastest post-surgery mile at 14:43.  Hoping the excitement and energy of the other runners will help me cut those last 2 minutes off my time on Friday night. 

I will also have my posse running with me. My husband and my two younger girls and one of my sole sisters. They’ve all promised to help me reach my goal time.   And then dinner with friends to celebrate! (and to fuel the hubby for his 7:30 am 10K…in which he hopes to beat the time he set as a 22 year old. And honestly, he has a good shot of doing that. If not in this race, in one later this season!) 
My Sole Sisters at last year Columbus Hot Chocolate Run. Love these women so much!

In other news…OUCH! First time my shins have hurt since starting intervals!  But even with the sore body, I feel so much better than I did this weekend. Might be my body and spirit’s way of telling me that 5 days without running, makes for one sad, cranky mama.   

Oh yeah...tomorrow marks 2 months since my surgery. Hell yeah! 


  1. Woohoo! Way to go!! I envy your hills...we have NONE.
    It just occurred to me (regarding surgery anniversaries) do you recall ever reading about Cantaloupe Day? Can't remember if I ever wrote about that and/or posted the video from last Cantaloupe Day's celebration.
    Have a blast at the 5K! What fun to get to do the with your daughters. :)

    1. No Cantaloupe Day post from 2013. And no video. I'm thinking this needs to be remedied!

      As for our hills, we have to drive 30 minutes to get to them. But so glad we have them that close!