Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Well, THAT Was Embarrassing

Guess I could have made “People of Walmart” today had some jerk been standing behind me and thought to take pictures. *sigh*

I was walking through the store this morning and I noticed a friend I hadn’t seen in months so I waved him down.  We stood there talking for close to 40 minutes, mostly commiserating about our young adult children.  As we were standing there (off to the side, not blocking traffic), I noticed that I started to sweat. My hair was getting damp. The back of my neck was soaked. The longer we talked, the more sweat was trickling down my back and past the waist band of the pants.  What the heck?  It didn’t feel like a typical hot flash. I never felt “hot.”  I just started to sweat, a LOT.

Promising to get together soon for a game night or cookout, we went our separate ways and I continued shopping.  After a few minutes I started noticing that my pants were actually feeling damp.  On a hunch I made my way to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and nearly started to cry. The back of my pants were soaked. SERIOUSLY soaked! I looked like I’d had some sort of accident.  All the way up the seam and about 2 inches out on either side.  And there was nothing I could do.  Well, I guess I could have taken my pants off and held them under the hand dryer…and prayed that nobody walked in on me. 

As discretely as I could manage, I tried to use my purse to cover as much of my backside as possible. (It is not an easy task with a butt this size and a tiny purse! WHY did I start using a small purse???)  I left my cart between two racks of clothes and exited the store.  (No groceries were in the cart, thank goodness) 

Guess I am going to have to be very careful with the kind of fabrics I buy in the future. Had I been wearing jeans, it would not have been very noticeable.  Or, I could just make sure I always have a sweater on me. Something to tie around my waist when needed.  Ya know, I’d thought those days were over once the uterus was gone.

The joys of menopause.


  1. Oh no! This is why I could never make fun of a stranger in "People of Walmart" fashion, you never know if there are extenuating circumstances. So sorry honey, that has to be annoying and embarrassing.

  2. My beloved uterus has been gone for over 1 1/2 years, and I still break out in sweat like that. It is unnerving and uncomfortable. Hopefully that was a one time occurrence.