Sunday, September 1, 2013


 It can make or break your day. (which is totally oversimplifying it)

How do we know when we should help our adult kids out of a rough patch and when we need to let them make their own mistakes and possibly fall…hard?

Knowing you raised your kids to know right from wrong, good from bad is NO guarantee that they will make good choices.  And let me just say, that it is hard as hell to just “trust that they will be OK because you were a good parent.”  I've known too many good parents whose children have become addicts. (drugs and alcohol)  It is NOT as simple as being a good parent. (but it's a start, I know)

Parenting ain’t for the weak of heart, that’s for damn sure.   I love my kids and I am proud of all of them.  But they aren’t perfect.  They are human.  They have made and will continue to make mistakes.  Just like I have.  Just like their dad has. I can only hope those mistakes don’t cost them their educations or their jobs. That they are not the sort of mistakes that could land them in jail or take their lives.  

I’d always thought parenting would get easier as the kids got older.  It hasn’t.  The things you worry about just change.

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  1. It gets harder as they get older. As an infant, their needs are obvious and easy to address. As adults their needs are not obvious and not easy to address.