Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Don't Wanna...

 Things I have done to prolong hitting the trail this morning… "fix" my play list,  talk to friends, look up recipes, laundry, work on a blog entry,…about putting off my run.

It’s 8:41. I should have been on the trail 40 minutes ago.  My clothes WERE in the dryer, so I did have to wait for THAT, but the thing buzzed its happy little “your clothes are dry” tune 20 minutes ago.  And I am still not out there. 

Gotta do this run without my buddy today.  He had a rough night and is cramping this morning. (He has Crohn's Disease , so cramping is pretty damn common for him. Yet the man keeps putting the miles in each week.)   Anyway, I’m feeling nervous about going solo this time. Even though the first time I did C25K MOST of my runs were on my own. I loved it.  Not sure what the problem is this morning.   

I am also feeling really stiff from yesterday’s hike.  The “little” girls and I hiked 2.75 miles at Ft. Ben. (yes, they are 18 and 15 years old. I still call them my little girls. They are the youngest, but they are also both tiny. Tiny but mighty.)  We did both paved and trail hiking. (Does it really count as “hiking” if it’s paved??)  We busted some serious ass out there. Lots of hills, lots of pausing to let other folks pass and  to get sniffed by multiple pooches (have never seen so many dogs on those trails before!) yet we still managed to keep a pace under 18 minutes per mile.  Of course I did not do ANY stretching afterwards, so my body is complaining this morning. 

Now, my running clothes are sitting next to me, staring at me accusingly.  *sigh*  

I think I need to finish fixing my play list.

Oh yeah, the time is now 9:23.


  1. we should have a procrastination contest... I bet I'm better at it than you are...