Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ahhhh…there they are!

 I have been feeling SO good and SO positive the last few days.  Absolutely thrilled at the lack of the dreaded roller-coaster ride of emotions.  Very few moments of feeling down.  Somehow avoiding or dodging the post hysterectomy blues. 
Well, today I found them. Or, they found me.  In fact I am pretty sure they had been following at a distance this whole time, snuck up fast, and rear-ended me into the path of an oncoming truck. But it was one of those small, compact pickup trucks. Not an 18 wheeler.  And I was wearing my seatbelt. Things could have been a lot worse. 

My suspicion is that lack of sleep is playing a big part in my blueness. I am also pretty sure that going outside at 4:00 am in the pouring rain to chase off an adolescent raccoon that was terrorizing my mama hen and her chicks did not help.  And it probably made matters a little worse that I had to then waddle around the house…in said rain, to try and catch the feline escapee that took advantage of the fact that I left the back door wide open while being distracted by the raccoon.  I was not able to catch the irritating clump of fur and worried about her survival until she decided she wanted in 6 hours later. 

So now I am not feeling terribly positive or upbeat.  In fact I am feeling pretty darn negative.  I am hurting more than I have in days.  Body is bloated. Incision areas are tender. Insides are cramping. I am aware of the stent. And I just want to curl up in the fetal position and feel sorry for myself. But I can’t. Because curling up hurts too much. 

I know that this shall pass. I will be back to feeling better soon. It is all just part of the process.  Blah, blah, blah.  And to be completely honest, regardless of the above complaints, I am still feeling damn lucky.  I just think that I will have to leave the critter chasing to other members of the family for a while.

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