Monday, July 8, 2013


WARNING:  One of those TMI entries.  Bodily functions. 

GYN doc has me taking Rx strength iron and a double dose of Micronor, a progestin only BCP.  I believe the Micronor is to help restrict endo growth pre-surgery.  The iron, to build up my blood supply.    

I am not sure which of these lovely medications is doing it, but damn, I’ve been having severe intestinal cramping while spending far too much time in the bathroom.  This is the 3rd time in 4 days that I have felt like a tiny Freddy Krueger was trying to slash his way out of my abdomen.  At times I wasn’t sure if I was going to toss my cookies or explode out the other end. (graphic, but accurate.)  It hurt so much that I was sweating.  Sweating like I was out on the trail in the middle of July training for my first 5k. Seriously, I had to dry off afterwards.  

Thankfully, it only lasts 30 minutes to an hour each time.  And once my gut seems to be satisfied that it has caused enough havoc, the rest of the day I feel okay.  Not great. Not interested in running that 5K.  But functional.  Going to try lower doses of iron 2x a day and see if that helps. Oh yeah, the Rx iron also has a stool softener in it.  Now that I think about it, I suspect that is the likely culprit. 
Despite the above yuck, I am feeling pretty upbeat and positive. This morning I called my local GYN nurse practitioner and caught her up on everything that is going on.  She has done my annuals for the past 8 years and was the one who had me get checked out 2 years ago when I started having acute pain. (burst ovarian cysts with 2 other cysts growing) Because of her we figured out there was an endo and cysts issue.  But she is not a specialist so I started looking elsewhere for help and found my current doc. 

 She is absolutely THRILLED for me. Her first comment was “You will finally get to have the hysterectomy!”  My reply “I’m not sure I would have used the term “get to”, but yes, I am having it done.”   She went on about how glad she was that I was going through with this and that after dealing with the pain for the past two years, I deserved a break” etc, etc.  I’ll be honest, I was feeling embarrassed.  It’s not like I have had 24/7 discomfort.  I’ve been pretty darned functional for most of that time.  Things didn’t get really rough until spring semester.  Even then, I know what I’ve been dealing with is NOTHING compared to what many women with endo (and other gyn issues) go through on a DAILY basis.   

She was also excited to find out that I would be using the bHRT pellets.  She is disappointed that the docs do not use them in their/her practice.  She is very hopeful that once my optimal hormone levels are figured out (which could take months) I will be feeling MUCH better.  

Her excitement for me did a LOT to dampen my fears and lift my spirits.YAY for docs and NPs who give a damn!!  Think I'll send her a card. 

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  1. Honey...if those women with the horrible gyno problems could hear you I think they'd say you DO deserve a break. I think they would not wish you to stay in pain and discomfort because your pain isn't as great as their pain. They would want you to be in as least pain as possible (goal=no pain) and would be happy for you...

    Then again, maybe those women are cranky bitches because of the pain...or they are just mean in general...and want everyone else to suffer too. In that case, eff them. EVERYONE deserves to be happy and have NO pain. 'Cause I said so.

    Love you!- J.C.