Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Kingdom For a...POOP!

Last night was my first night home. Not too bad. I had my alarm set to take my pain meds as soon as they were due, that way I did not wake up FROM the pain.
The bad thing about this is that I am not clear headed. Hate feeling dizzy and out of sorts so often. I am a bit ditzy all the time as it is. But THIS is different. Not liking the lack of control. 

Currently taking:

800mg of Ibuprofen 3x a day for swelling. God help me if I forget to eat something before taking that. 

500mg of cephalexin 4x a day (antibiotics)

And Percocet 7.5-325 every 4 hours as needed. 

Really anxious to get off Percocet. I think I am getting vertigo from this. Earlier today I was weighing whether it would be better to deal with the pain or deal with the nausea.  Thankfully, now I have neither.

Due to the IV fluids they were pumping into me, I am swollen up like a balloon. I was expecting to have a swollen belly and even fingers and toes, but EVERYTHING is swollen. Sort of freaking me out a bit.  In fact, I have gained 17 pounds since the morning of surgery.  I think I will call Dr. Mac’s office tomorrow and see how long that should last or if they want me on a diuretic. 

SO puffy and swollen. But hey, the kid is cute!

Physically, doing better than I anticipated.  Of course I hurt and am moving very slowly. But judging by some of the recovery posts on a hysterectomy support site, ( I am really lucky. My pain is manageable. 

 I AM extremely tired.  But it is very difficult to get comfortable.  Looking forward to being able to sleep without needing 10 pillows to prop me up.

Trying to walk around the first floor of the house every couple of hours.  And I just had the boy take me outside to walk up the sidewalk to the street. Felt so good that we walked down the driveway, said hello to the baby chicks and then back in through the kitchen door.  The husband complained that I was overdoing it. I promise I wasn’t. I think he just likes to mother hen ME for a change. 

Emotionally, so far so good.  Have not had extremes in mood swings. No crying jags or yelling.  I WAS feeling sorry for myself earlier today and getting cranky with the husband for a while. Then my sister in law came for a visit and I have felt better ever since. My BELLY hurts more, but I am ok with that since it was from laughing. 

Right now, the thing that probably has me the most down physically AND emotionally is that I am so bloated. Although I have been able to pass gas since the night of the surgery, my bowels are being damn lazy.  I AM eating, but not a lot. I am afraid to! 
Drinking plenty of water. Eating prunes and drinking small amounts of prune juice. Nothing going on down there other than gas. And the longer it takes, the more painful it will be. And…of course the more I worry about it, the longer this is probably going to take. Vicious cycle.  I just want to poop and be done with it.  

Still no pooping.  But I did take a longish nap and had very weird dreams! (including feeling like I needed to poop in my dream. Seriously??)  Drugged sleep is not restful sleep.


  1. "Who...does...number for?!"

  2. That picture looks like it was taken in a tent. Did you make a blanket fort? You should totally have the family make you a blanket fort. A healing blanket fort.