Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week One Postop: Things I've learned

A few things I have discovered this week:
Attitude IS important. 

Backscratchers should be sold in ALL hospital gift shops.

Constipation sucks.

Pain pills are a blessing and a curse.

Abdominal binders are wonderful.

More than 2 hours of sleep per night is necessary.

Friends who cheer you through your first postop poop are priceless.

Children who are compassionate AND funny are a true blessing.

My husband is amazing.


  1. Yay! You pooped!

    If I ever have to go into the hospital I will pack a back scratcher. I have two of them because I hate an itchy back.


    1. I was itching like CRAZY those first few days after surgery. The hospital had 2 or 3 gift shops. Not a single back scratcher! You would think, with itchiness being such a common symptom post surgery, they would think to sell them.

      Or, maybe it's a CYA thing. They'd rather not risk the patients scratching over and pulling their stitches? But it wasn't my stitches that itched. It was EVERYWHERE else. Thank God they were able to shoot me up with Benadryl.