Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recovery...too drugged and tired for wit.

Hopefully a bit more coherent update on recovery.  

Recovery:   6 days post op.  Discomfort is constant. Pain is minimal.   Dislike pain meds, but ever so grateful for them.  Mostly, I feel bruised inside. Occasionally, I will feel some acute, sharp pain. I suspect where an incision is being pulled.   

I believe healing is going smoothly. A bit worried that it is going too smoothly.  Part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop. With all the doctors had to do down in there, it seems that in some ways this is too easy.

 I am particularly concerned about how things will heal with the nicked ureter.  Currently, I cannot tell that this is an issue. I cannot even tell that there is a stent going up into my kidney.  And I am trying pretty hard NOT to dwell on that.  

Walking is going very slowly.  Continuing to take laps around the first floor, but that’s about it. For now, that is enough.    

Obviously, I am sleepy.  There is a lot sleeping going on, unfortunately, none of it is terribly restful.  

Itching has eased quite a bit.  

Something new yesterday afternoon.  Small electric pulse like sensations throughout my abdomen.  Not terribly painful, but strong enough to wake me as I doze off.  They were coming one every couple of minutes. I have experienced this a couple more times, but it is not constant.  
One thing that is not going smoothly…or not really going at all I guess…is my digestive system.  Still have NOT had a bowel movement.  The nurse for my colorectal surgeon has suggested that I try Magnesium Citrate.  If I am lucky I will be able to go within a couple of hours.  I find it irritating that this is the most distressing part of my recovery so far.   On the other hand…I am grateful this is the most distressing part.

If I am able to go...you will probably hear me shout if from the roof top. 

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  1. Glad most of the recovery is going so well with the exception of the poop problem..been there, done that. When you do get the urge to go, be sure to take a pillow or two, maybe even a stool (no pun intended) to lean on since it might not all happen at once. Love you sweetie!