Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pre-op appointment: WooHoo!!!

Woke up bright and early to drive 45 minutes to the hospital for a pre-op appointment and blood work.  My nurse was Melody. She was wonderful. Very reassuring and understanding of my fears.  When we discussed anesthesia I told her about my experience two years ago when I woke up feeling like I was buried alive. Felt like I had to fight to breath.  Even when I think about it now I find I am holding my breath. She assured me that the anesthesiologist would know which drug cocktails to avoid.  Feeling much better about that.

So my pre-op prep consists of: 

- Clear liquids the day before.  (I CAN have red jello and popsicles this time)

-Shower the night before and use antiseptic skin cleanser on abdomen.

-Fleets 2 hours before bed. (Oh goody.)

-And then another once at the hospital. (Double goody)

-No makeup, lotions, nail polish, hair stuff, etc. (deodorant, toothpaste okay.)

-I CAN take an antianxiety pill if needed. And she made sure I knew that if I woke up with a migraine, I should take my meds. They don’t want me being miserable all morning.  They want me relaxed as possible.

The thing that made me do a little happy dance in my seat is that I do NOT have to drink the gallon of bowel prep this time!!! Thought for sure I would need to drink that stuff again! Hubby actually gave me a high five in the office because he was happy for me.

Doc has surgery time slated to last 3 hours. They suspect it will be less, but with adhesions and possible bowel resection, they want to cover their bases.  I will have a spinal block to help with the pain.

In the hospital for a minimum of 2 days and possibly 5 if the resection happens. (again, this is VERY unlikely)  So I SHOULD be home sometime on Friday.  Will have spinal in for pain management for the first 24 hours.  Along with whatever else they drip into the IV.

Have to give props to child #3, the 18 year old. She came to pre-op with hubby and me. She took notes while I signed papers. She’s a detail person and handy to have around for things like this. Normally, it would have just been me and hubs, but he is recovering from his second (outpatient) surgery of the summer and still on pain meds.  Anyway, #3 is pretty awesome. I’m a blessed mama. 

Currently in a good headspace.  I’ll be working to keep it that way.  Focus on the positive.


  1. Three of Four. That is her Borg designation. Also, your nurse was named Melody? I'm snickering evilly here. So glad everything went well. Love you!

    1. 3 of 4. I LOVE it and ashamed I did not think of it. I am a horrible Trekkie wife.

      Melody? I don't understand the funny. Is this from some book I should have read a long time ago? Remember, I don't do deep reading. I am a brain candy sort of girl! I keep telling myself I will change that, but I can't get into the classics.

    2. I'm just snickering because I'm evil..."Hi! I'm your nurse, Melody!" Melody is such an un-nurse like name. I've always thought of nurses as firm, no-nonsense individuals (I know they aren't all like that, but lots of them are) and the name Melody doesn't fit with the image of firm and no-nonsense in my head.

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