Saturday, July 20, 2013

Post op: Rough patch

Tonight (Friday 19th) has been a bit rough.  I think a combination of a bunch of smaller pains has really added up. 

Took my first walk. Down the corridor, then around one of the smaller “blocks.” That was more tiring than I anticipated. But I guess I was moving at pretty quick clip. Hubs said he was “blanking impressed.” (he tends not to swear as much as I do…so I am actually quoting him there) ;) 

Around 6:30pm I was finally able to take a shower.  But before I was allowed to that, I had to have my JP*  (stomach pump thingy) taken out.  The sutures that held that in place were cut off and removed. That did not hurt, just a weird tugging feeling. Then the pump tubing was slid out.  That was a LOT longer than anticipated and was very uncomfortable.  Then that small incision area was covered again. 

After that, the dressing for the staples had to be removed.  Did I mention that my horizontal cut was low on the bikini line?  HOLY SHIT! Closest thing to a wax job I have ever experienced.  WHY the hell would women do that to themselves…ON PURPOSE??!!

I also had a large butterfly bandage that had been used to keep the catheter tubing secure on my upper thigh.  That sucker took some skin off with it. 

After all that was said and done, I got to hop in the shower.  Well, not much hopping, more a waddle.  As I passed the bathroom mirror I made the mistake of looking at my incision and at the staples. Probably should not have done that.  Now all I can think about is the fact that those will need to come out. Thinking it would be really nice to be knocked out for that!

Shower felt great. And the husband was a blessing. He washed my hair and scrubbed my back and that felt amazing due to all the itching. 

All of this seemed to really wear me down.  Ever since, I have been feeling more pain and have not been in nearly as high in spirits. Hoping I don't lose my "good patient gold star." 

* The JP is the Jackson-Pratt Drain:


  1. "Weird tugging" is exactly how I remember staples coming out!

  2. I remember looking at myself in the mirror at the hospital after my C-section. Yep. TOTAL mistake....